The Truth About Cankles And Fat Thigh Reducing Lotions

Cankles and fat/thick thigh reducing lotions (also called thinning creams, slimming lotions, fat cell reducing creams) have been around for well over 10 years. Some are mildly effective, but contain only plant extracts with some slimming properties. However, today there is one fat cell reducing lotion that works extremely well.  Dozens of independent scientific studies have shown that a mixture of caffeine and synephrine works effectively in targeting fat cells and dramatically reducing their size.

The Ingredients

Caffeine instructs the nervous system to force your cells to work faster. Therefore, their metabolism increases. That’s why caffeinated coffee makes you more alert and makes you warmer. Synephrine pushes the metabolism into the red zone by letting the caffeine work specifically on fat metabolism. The fat reducing properties of each chemical alone is weak. But in combination with the right proportions and strength level they stimulate fat metabolism at a rate much faster than fat cells can replace their fat volume. The resultant one-two punch is that the fat inside each fat cell burns away faster and thus fat cell volume decreases dramatically.

Targeted Delivery

Putting pure caffeine and synephrine on your skin will only result in about 1% of the chemicals penetrating into deeper layers of your fat-rich tissues. That’s because your skin barrier is tough and neutralizes almost anything that starts to penetrate. But the skin barrier does let certain substances cross without restriction. One such substance is the microscopic liposome. Liposomes are like tiny capsules, and you can make billions of them to contain almost any chemical – like synephrine and caffeine. So the most effective way to deliver synephrine and caffeine beneath your skin (so that 99% actually reaches the inside) is to encapsulate them inside liposomes. Once that’s done, you can apply the liposome-encapsulated synephrine and caffeine to your skin, over the area you want fat cell reduction, and it will target those fat cells directly below. Liposome-encapsulated synephrine plus caffeine (with other emollients) forms the proprietary fat cell reducing formula called Reductinol.

Only Be-Thin Fat Cell Reducing Formula contains Reductinol to get rid of unattractive cankles, shapeless calves, and thick thighs.

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