The Different Causes of Cankles


The word “cankles” is not very flattering but it is descriptive of a problem millions of women see on their legs. By far, the biggest reason behind cankles is genetic. This means you are predisposed to having cankles, and it indicates that one of your parents probably had them. Unfortunately, genetically acquired cankles are often exaggerated by obesity. Needless to say, the heavier you are the more likely cankles will appear. Some other causes of cankles are due to fluid retention and/or pregnancy. Fluid retention in the ankles generally comes from excessive sodium intake. And that is simply a reflection of your diet. If you notice that your ankles have begun to swell suddenly then this might be serious; you should see your doctor.

Pregnancy can cause cankles due to hormonal changes and circulation disturbances. During pregnancy you should avoid high-sodium and processed (fast) foods. Staying active and exercising to promote circulation also helps, and be sure to include leg massage and elevation to help with your leg circulation. If you have genetically acquired cankles, you might ask, “Does exercise help?” It has been medically proven a thousand times that you CANNOT spot-reduce your ankles or thighs with exercise. That means all the ankle and leg exercises in the world will not target fat cell reduction on your ankles.

You cannot spot-reduce your ankles or thighs with exercise.

But there is an answer: Be-Thin fat cell reducing lotion containing caffeine and synephrine actually DOES work to spot-reduce fat cells around your ankles. Daily application will see your ankle circumference decrease tremendously. Be-Thin fat cell reducing lotion has the highest concentrations of these ingredients (4 times more) in our proprietary Reductinol formulation. Be-Thin is the most effective fat cell reducing lotion available because it not only has high concentrations of caffeine and synephrine, but it also contains liposomes. The liposomes insure these ingredients reach your fat cells in a concentrated form in order to shrink them. The result is an amazing transformation from ugly cankles to slim and beautiful ankles you’ll be proud to show off!

What Makes Be-Thin So Effective?

Putting pure caffeine and synephrine on your skin will only result in about 1% of the chemicals penetrating into deeper layers of your fat-rich tissues. That is because your skin barrier is tough and neutralizes almost anything that starts to penetrate it. But the skin barrier does let certain substances cross without restriction. One such substance is the microscopic liposome. Liposomes are like tiny capsules, and you can make billions of them to contain almost any chemical – like synephrine and caffeine. So the most effective way to deliver synephrine and caffeine beneath your skin (so that 99% actually reaches the inside) is to encapsulate them inside liposomes. This means you can apply Be-Thin with liposome-encapsulated synephrine and caffeine to your skin, over the area you want fat reduction, and it will target those fat cells directly below. Liposome-encapsulated synephrine plus caffeine (with other emollients) forms the powerful Reductinol; the proprietary ingredient in Be-Thin Lotion.

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