Be-Thin Fat Cell Reducing Formula

You Can Get A Thigh Gap Without Diet Exercise Or Surgery

When you search the internet for information on how to get a “Thigh Gap” you will find literally thousands of news publication and blogs telling women they should not try and change their body and thousands of diet & exercise guru’s selling workout routines & E-books on how to obtain the perfect thigh gap. The […]

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Be-Thin Fat Cell Reducing Formula
Thick Thighs

The Risks of Thigh Liposuction

Many women wonder if leg liposuction can get them the look that they want. Having heavy thighs isn’t always related to being unable to lose weight. Very often patients who undergo this procedure have tried every fad diet and exercise to lose weight in their thighs, but haven’t been able to. Liposuction can target and remove […]

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Weight Management

The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

The life threatening dangers of artificial sweeteners are real and documented by reputable medical researchers. Why are they still on the market? The usual reason, big food corporations’ employ hundreds of Lobbyist to control legislators, and the FDA’s budget is allotted by Congress, and the head of the FDA is a political appointee. Americans all […]

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Cosmetic Surgery

The High Risks of Ankle Liposuction for Cankles

Those who have tried to diet and exercise away cankles found that it does not work. And now you may be contemplating a medical procedure called ankle liposuction. This procedure works in much the same way as every other type of liposuction and attempts to reshape the legs and remove unwanted fat from around the ankles. The […]

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