Be-Thin Fat Cell Reducing Formula

Get Rid of Cankles - Thick Thighs - Cellulite - Get a Flat Tummy!

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Now one lotion can help reduce all of your fat cell problems. It will reduce cankles, give you more shapely calves, thin thick thighs, and reduce cellulite and stubborn tummy fat to help flatten your stomach.

  • One Bottle of Be-Thin Fat Cell Reducing Formula.
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Be-Thin Fat Cell Reducing Lotion is a safe and effective cream containing Reductinol, our proprietary formulation of clinically proven fat cell reducing agents, specifically formulated for thinning of thick ankles (cankles), calves, thighs, and dramatically reducing stubborn cellulite and tummy fat.  Reductinol contains no harsh chemicals.

Be-Thin Lotion Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How fast will Be-Thin Lotion work?

A. That depends entirely on you and your body; everyone’s body is different; but everybody gets results!

Q. How often should I apply Be-Thin Lotion?

A. A minimum of 2 times (morning and night) but no more than 3 times per day. Reductinol is a powerful formulation.

Q. How should I apply Be-Thin Lotion?

A. Apply Be-Thin to the areas that need to be treated and then take a minute or two to massage it in to help it penetrate the skin faster.

Q. Does Be-Thin contain any harsh chemicals?

A. No, we do not even use added coloring agents. Be-Thin has a light coloring in the bottle but is clear when applied to your skin.

Q. Is Be-Thin Lotion greasy?

A. No.

Q. Can I put a moisturizing lotion on after applying Be-Thin?

A. Yes

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