How to Read a Nutrition Label

Please watch the short video below, on how to read a nutrition label, to fully understand what you need to look for when buying food products. Our goal is not only to sell you the most effective and highest quality weight loss supplements, but to help you to understand how to obtain and keep a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Dr Kiel Explains How to Correctly Read a Nutrition Facts Label

Whether your goal is to lose and maintain a healthy weight, or for anti-aging purposes (restoration and retention or collagen) the ability to read and fully understand a nutrition label is of paramount importance to achieving your goals. One of the most important listings on a nutrition label is the serving size. Most food companies list very low serving sizes in order to downplay just how unhealthy their product actually is. For example many breakfast cereals list a serving size as 2/4 of a cup; about a hand full. Do you know anybody who eats only a handful of cereal of breakfast?

Remember, the content’s listed on the food nutrition label is for one serving only! Therefore, you must multiply the contents by how much you will be eating. Many foods that most people consider to be a one serving product show the serving size as being 2 or 2 ½ servings. Please be aware of this deceptive marketing trick.

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